Should you tip movers?

Should you tip movers?

Working with a moving company is one of the best ways to make your traffic run as smoothly and stress-free as possible. Removals can handle everything from packing everything in boxes to the safe transportation of goods across the country, without having to lift a finger. Hiring professionals to facilitate removal can be of great importance in moving, and although depending on the specific services you need, it is not necessarily cheap, it is almost always worth it. Should you tip movers?

Should I tip?

In a word: yes. Moving is hard work, even if you do it every day. It is also a service and, like most services, tips are greatly appreciated, especially when the customer is satisfied with the result.

Tips are not expected in the sense that your handlers will wait for extra cash after stabilizing, but if you do not tip, you can assume that you are not satisfied with the service. So if everything went according to plan and you had good experience, go ahead and tip – your handlers will always welcome him.

When (and when not) to tip 

Not all mobile companies are created equally. If you get something less than a unique experience, you definitely shouldn’t feel obliged to donate more cash. But if your movers have gone beyond what you expected, it’s a nice gesture to reward their hard work.

Tilting removals is appropriate if:

  • Appeared on time,

  • Completed your move in a shorter period than expected

  • Had to climb an excessive number of stairs,

  • They helped you pack your things

  • Nothing has been damaged in motion, 

  • Amazed you with customer service and professionalism

If they appeared late, damaged your belongings or were unprofessional, keep your wallet in your pocket.

Should you tip movers?

How much tip to give?

Here’s a guide on how to tip movers:

  • Half-day traffic (4 hours or less) – USD 20 per person

  • Full 8-hour day – USD 40 per person

  • 12 hours or more – USD 50-60 per person

  • Option: Provide an hourly rate for each team member in the range of USD 4 – USD 5 / hour for each applicant

The advice given should reflect the level of service and level of difficulty. Consider the amount of items moved, the number of oversized items, and whether stairs are involved. If there are some complicating factors that impede your traffic, consider adding an amount.

It is not recommended to use the standard percentage of cost when tipping moving people. The total cost of your move includes both the removals and the travel distance of the van. Instead, consider the time and difficulty of the movement when tilting


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