How to Lose Belly Fat?

how to lose belly fat

There is a lot of people who has a problem with their weight. To many centimeters in their waist, arms or legs are looking bad and their starting to think about loosing it. It is not simple, but it is not impossible either. You have to give up all the candy’s and not important sugar which is making you fat and unhealthy. It is the very important first step – without it you don’t have to bother with anything else, because there is no diet with to much sugar. Another important step – the second one – is about eat your meal’s regular. There are not such thing like “just a little for breakfast – I will eat less, so I will loose my weight quicker!” this is a mit! You have to eat meals every two or three hours, so your body will understand that there is co reason to store fat, because you will always give to it rich and healthy food.

Your breakfast should be strong enough to wake you up and give a lot of energy for a couple of hours. Best idea is to have some boiled porridge with dry or fresh fruits and nuts. For the second breakfast you can eat one or two bananas and drink a tea or maybe coffee, if you like to. Just remember another thing – you can it fruits as much as you want but only in the first part of a day. They have a lot of sugar – it is healthy for you, but to much of it is hard to digest and your body will not make it by the end of a day if you eat it to much. Vegetables are better idea for the second part of a day.

Perfect dinner is a fish with vegetables, lemon and some salad – you like it to be sweet? Add some mango and you will see it is so tasty that you don’t have to add anything else.

Supper is a dangerous meal for most of people. Some of them do not eat it but it is a mistake. You have to fill your body to make it stop store this annoying fat… so it your supper, but for about four hours before you will go to bed. It will be the most healthy option.

And the most important! Do not eat a thing between your main meals! It is forbidden if you want to loose your weight! So how to lose belly fat? Make your life more healthy by adding to your menu more regular meals, less sugar and many of vegetables and fruits.

But diet is not the only thing you have to add to your life. You should be active as well. There is no chance to loose fat only from your belly – you will loose fat from all over your body so think! You will look great!

To start your every day activity choose a walk instead of driving to work – maybe you could walk a few bus stops for example? Or take a bike to go to work? You have a lot of options to take, so choose, but choose smart and make yourself more active every day.

There are a lot of activities you could take. Walk with your dog or, maybe, running? Some fitness in fitness club or a pool to make your body fit and strong. You could start a fight lessons or just some simple exercises in your own home. You don’t have to buy anything to start a life like this. Walking is free so really, start with walking!

Your dog will be greatful to you if you spend an hour of your every day on fooling around with him outside. Take a ball, some snacks for him and go, have fun and be a healthy, smart person!

Your belly is to big? Drink more water and every time you think about sweets or eating between your main meals drink more water. Some people says that you have to make things for twenty one days to make it a habit – habits are easier to make so try! It is less than a month! Your body is your temple and if you want to make it a happy place you have to be careful and honest to yourself. Do not cry, do not ask anyone if it is a good or bad idea – it is your life and you have it to live like you want. But if you want to live longer you have to be – again! – healthy and smart!

So make some healthy, tasty and rich meals, take some activities, make your dog happy outside of your apartment and try to live more, take more and give more! There are a lot of thing you can do for yourself. Loose your belly and some centimeters from your waist!


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