How Music Concerts Use Radio Promotions To Bring In The Crowd

It’s a well-known fact that marketing budgets are not limitless. While larger music festivals and events have large budgets, the small and independent festivals attempt to work with minimal financing. So, what if you could manage your promotion to target an audience that is most likely to purchase a ticket? Surely, that should help increase the event’s popularity and a return on investment.

Evidence has found that the demand for music festivals has increased in recent years with approximately 40% of attendees saying they went to more festivals than the previous year. However, what you may not realize is that the demand is driven by the crucial festival-goers and you would not be able to survive without these people. This type of fan is more likely to attend multiple music events than the casual event-goer. Of course, this does not mean they are big spenders, but they do influence other people’s spending on music concerts.

The question remains: where do you begin when attempting to reach these event-goers? This article will provide information on different music concert marketing strategies to bring in these crowds.

#1: Engaging Artists To Spread The Word

According to statistics, hardcore event-goers are 76% more likely than the casual event-goer to purchase a digital download, artist vinyl record or CD, and will have listened to the artist’s music on the radio in the past six months. So, how would they hear about the new songs and albums?

In large part, the fans would hear about music and concerts from the artists themselves via social media and streaming services. Using these methods, the artist can advertise or promote themselves directly to their fans. So, you need to remind them to tell their fans where to see them in person – your upcoming music concert!

#2: Live streaming To Sell Out Next Year’s Event

According to a study from Digital, approximately 30% of all fans will view a live video of an event or attend an event where the musician is performing in the following year. This contributes to the additional promotion and engaging event-goers by encouraging fans to tune into artist live streams.

By the way, guess who is most likely to watch live streams? The hardcore festival-goers! Evidence has found that a person who views a festival video is more likely to attend an event the following year. Moreover, if they can’t attend the event in person, 70% are likely to live stream the concert if it is available.

#3: Relying On Partners For Promotion

Hardcore music event-goers don’t always wait to hear about upcoming music concerts; they tend to seek out festival news. Surveys show that more than half of these festival-goers have discovered new festivals by speaking to ticketing providers. Another third of the event-goers discover festivals using event listing websites. This means that they are on the site constantly searching for new music events to attend throughout the year. This is highly beneficial because it makes them easier to locate the music concert. Some even have partners like #1 Loom and Leaf Coupon company where they work on a deal to bring customers while both are benefiting from it.

It is important that the ticketing provider sends targeted emails to fans based on purchasing history. A targeted email has a higher chance of reaching valuable fans, and not the people who are unlikely to attend music concerts. Always search for promotional partners who sync with music promotion sites so fans can click from their favorite artist to a ticketing website.

#4: Marketing The Festival To More Locations

Hardcore event-goers will always travel for music concerts, and surveys show that many travels to attend events. To promote music concerts to these individuals, it is recommended you cast a wide net making it important to start marketing campaigns in other countries. However, it is vital that you promote the festival to out-of-towners early as scheduling cross-country trips can be challenging.